Wpig full name wild pig

Wpig is promoted by the wpig community and is committed to linkage with Mars to become one of the main transaction currencies on Mars in the future. Holding wpig will make it easy for you to have hundreds of millions of wpig token tokens   Take our dog Doge as a symbol and mascot

Following slippage 12% buy sell

Contract address:

There is no private harvest, no large-scale smashing, 100% decentralized capital pool, and completely fair distribution.


Why invest in WPIG?

Static rewards

4% of the handling fee of each transaction is locked in the liquidity in the bonus pool, so as to continuously increase the price.

Automatic LP

4% of each transaction cost is added to the pool to increase liquidity, so as to continuously increase the price.

Bonus pool

2% of any transfer will continue to be added to the bonus pool contract account. When the bonus pool reaches 50%, it will be awarded to the last token buyer.

Security mechanism

The initial working capital pool LP and each transaction will generate an automatic LP transfer in black hole address, and the liquidity has been permanently locked by MDEX.


See Our Progress

We have many great ideas that we're excited to bring to the holders of WPIG. Got any ideas of your own? We love community input - let us know!

  • Launch

    Website Launch

    Pre-Sale Launch

    Multi-Channel Marketing

    Advertising Campaigns

    10,000 Telegram Members

    DessertSwap Audit

    MDEX Listing

    1,000+ Holders

    $1 Million+ Market Cap

    CoinGecko Listing

  • Growth

    CoinMarketCap Listing

    Dividend Dashboard with total & user statistics

    WhitePaper Release

    $10 Million+ Market Cap

    10,000+ Holders

    25,000 Telegram Members

    Blockfolio Listing

    Trustwallet Logo

  • Moon

    $50 Million+ Market Cap

    30,000+ Holders

    50,000 Telegram Members

    NFT Platform

    Exchanges Listing

Coming online exchange

Three major exchanges to be launched soon

Online on September 8, October 8 and November 8

  • ZD

  • OKEX



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